Friday, December 2, 2022

Yet another FaZe Clan member kicked out for abusive language

FaZe Clan member Cented has been booted out for using discriminatory language.

A clip of Cented using the N word has surfaced online, leading to the ban.

“FaZe is constantly evolving and we expect our members to do the same,” reads a statement on Twitter from the group.

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“Cented is permanently removed from FaZe due to his use of hate speech. We, and the gaming community at large can’t tolerate discriminatory language any longer.”

Cented shared an apology on Twitter.

“I’m sorry guys. No longer with FaZe, mutually parted ways with them, I made a mistake and theres no excuses, will only try and do better,” he said.

He followed up with a longer statement:

“First and foremost, I am sorry. Not sorry I was exposed, but sorry because I should’ve known better. I can’t hide behind my age or cluelessness for leaving a word like that in my vocabulary. It shouldn’t be in my vocabulary at all. As an adult, I should know better. I had all the information in front of me for knowing better and still chose to act wrongly. For that, I am sorry.”

He continued: “To those that I’ve offended, I am sorry. I am not racist, but thing to allow a racial word into my vocabulary. I should know better. I can’t say enough how preventable this is. I am sorry for my deep disrespect and disregarding the true nature and history of that word. My willful ignorance is inexcusable.”

The 19-year-old Cented is best known as a pro Fortnite esports player and joined FaZe Clan in March 2021.

He’s far from the first controversial member of the group.

Back in July 2021, FaZe kicked out one member and suspended three others over an alleged influencer crypto “scam”.

Talal ‘Virus’ Almalki also courted controversy earlier this year for refusing to support a FaZe Clan Pride post, as reported by Kotaku.

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