Sunday, December 4, 2022

Willson Contreras Left Today’s Game with “Hamstring Tightness” (UPDATES: Received Treatment)

Willson Contreras “got treatment” for his hamstring today, and has been riding the stationary bike.

You have to remember that the Cubs are going to be extraordinarily cautious right now about (1) letting Contreras play if he’s compromised, and (2) telling the world whether he’s actually compromised.

In other words, this month especially, it’s going to be REALLY DIFFICULT to get detailed information on any injury to a key potential trade target like Contreras. You’re almost certainly going to see things staying vague, him sitting out more than “necessary,” and the Cubs avoiding the Injured List if at all possible. We may not know much until Contreras actually returns to the lineup (or until/unless there’s a scan that reveals a legit injury).

Quick Update within the Update:

*original post follows*

We all noticed that the Cubs made a peculiar switch at catcher in the bottom of the 10th inning. After he’d beaten in the top half (striking out), Willson Contreras was pulled from the game, PJ Higgins took over behind the plate. It didn’t last long, as the Brewers walked it off from there.

But of much more concern: why did Contreras leave the game? Is he OK? Should we be panicking?

Can’t say for sure just yet, but boy do I hate hearing anything about Contreras’s hamstring:

There is no other information available at this time.

Here’s what we know about Willson Contreras and the hamstring: (1) he’s had serious hamstring injuries before, but it’s been a few years; (2) he pulled himself from a game earlier this year because he felt tightness on the bases, and he missed a few days before returning to action; and (3) true hamstring strains, even mild ones, can cost you upwards of a month.

So, yeah, this is a little concerning given the calendar, and the very realistic chance the Cubs were planning to trade Contreras at the deadline (hate it as much as you might, if the Cubs aren’t committed to him long term, then it’s definitely better to be able to trade him for a substantial return than not).

In other words, we should all be hoping that Contreras wakes up tomorrow feeling OK, or that nothing that happened today rises to the level of him having to go get an MRI this week.

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