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Who is Robb Hanrahan married to?

NOTEWORTHY TV journalist Robb Hanrahan became popular for his contributions to CBS and its affiliates.

Upon learning of Robb’s death, viewers of CBS are curious to know more about his marriage to his wife and fellow news reporter Stacey.


An early 2000s photo of Robb and Stacey Hanrahan, who met while working for CBS’ Miami divisionCredit: Facebook/Stacey Hanrahan

Who is Robb Hanrahan married to?

Up until his death on July 5, 2022, Robb Hanrahan was married to news personality Stacey Hanrahan.

Robb met Stacey while they were both working at WFOR, a CBS affiliate station located in Miami, Florida.

Regarding how they met, Robb told Penn Live: “We met at work actually in Miami, it was great to work with her.”

The couple also went on to work together again at CBS21, an affiliate located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

A look at the life and sad passing of Robb Hanrahan
Former CBS news anchor Robb Hanrahan dies aged 60 two years after heart attack

From August 2010 to November 2021, Stacey was the station’s Assistant News Director & Meteorologist.

Robb was a reporter, writer, and senior producer for the station.

When it came to working side by side with Stacey for a second time, Robb also said: “It is [unusual].

“What’s more unusual is that she’s not only an on-air meteorologist, but she’s the assistant news director.”

The late anchor shared: “So she was my boss and I just think the dynamics of that were very interesting.

“It proves that she and I can work together in any environment, especially the stress of the newsroom, and do it professionally.”

He added: “That’s one of the harder parts of the decision [to retire] was the fact that I wouldn’t be working with her.

“But we both decided this was the best move for all of us in the family and my extended family. They’re all happy.”

Throughout Robb's almost deadly heart attack ordeal, he was supported by his wife and fellow news anchor, Stacey


Throughout Robb’s almost deadly heart attack ordeal, he was supported by his wife and fellow news anchor, StaceyCredit: Twitter/Stacey Hanrahan

After working together for 11 years at WFOR, Robb retired from the business in February 2021.

His retirement came shortly after dealing with health complications brought on by a heart attack.

In June 2020, the aforementioned heart attack rendered Robb dead twice before he was revived.

A couple of months later on April 7, 2021, Stacey said of the ordeal to CBS21: “His heart had stopped twice, we were able to bring him back both times.

“I was just praying ‘please don’t let the doctor come back.’ If I keep seeing the nurse, he’s alive.”

She tearily added: “If the doctor comes in, I know what mean. I’ve seen enough TV, he’s going to be the one to tell me he didn’t make it.

“All I kept replaying was Robb saying ‘Stacey, I think I’m going to go now.'”

Did Robb and Stacey have children?

In the wake of Robb’s passing, he leaves behind Stacey and their two children.

Together, the couple had one son and one older daughter.

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