Friday, December 9, 2022

When Will ‘Magnum PI’ Premiere on NBC? And on What Night?

When the news broke that NBC would in fact “save” Magnum PI by offering the CBS castoff a home for Seasons 5 and 6, there were immediately cries of, “When will it return?!”

The answer to that question isin short, “Later versus sooner.”

For one, NBC revealed its detailed premiere plan for the fall two days before the Magnum “rescue” was announced. If NBC had any inkling of squeezing the island drama onto its fall slate, the announcements surely would have rolled out differently.

What’s more, sources tell TVLine that Magnum PI won’t begin filming Season 5 until the fall, whereas in the past it typically gets the cameras rolling in July. A months-later production start dictates a months-later premiere date — meaning, Magnum PI Season 5 can’t debut until midseason, probably January at the earliest.

NBC thus far has greenlit a total of 20 episodes to be split into two seasons, though TVLine hears there is “the option for more” in success.

What night might Magnum call home, whenever it does happen with Season 5? TVLine examines the five or so options below….


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