The world must "be ready" for Putin using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Zelensky warns

The world must “be ready” for Putin using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Zelensky warns

The world must “be ready” for Putin using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Zelensky warns

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that “all countries of the world” must be ready for Vladimir Putin’s use of nuclear weapons.

Speaking from the country’s capital, Kiev, Zelensky told CNN that the Russian president may also be prepared to use chemical weapons against Ukraine.

The US CIA director this week warned of Putin’s “potential despair” after military setbacks could prompt him to deploy tactical or low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Asked if he was concerned about the potential nuclear attack, Zelensky said: “Not just me, all the world, all countries must be worried.”

Mr. Zelensky added: “Chemical weapons… could do that, people’s lives for them [is] nothing. Here because. We should think not to be afraid, not to be afraid but to be ready.

“But this is not a question for Ukraine, not just for Ukraine but for the whole world, I think.”

In the extensive interview, Zelensky said he believes some 2,500 to 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died so far and another 10,000 have been injured in the conflict, but he wasn’t sure how many Ukrainian civilians have died.

He said: “It is very difficult to talk about civilians, since in the south of our country, where the towns and cities are blocked – Kherson, Berdyansk, Mariupol further east and the area to the east where Volnovakha is located – it just doesn’t we do know how many people have died in that area that is blocked ”.

Zelensky said he believes that between 2,500 and 3,000 Ukrainian troops have died in the conflict so far

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The Ukrainian president also hinted at the recent sinking of the warship Moskva, Russia’s flagship, but refused to be considered if his country played a role in his demise.

“We know it no longer exists,” Zelensky said. “For us it is a powerful weapon against our country, so its sinking is not a tragedy for us. I want you, the rest of the people, to realize this.

“The fewer weapons the Russian Federation has which attacked our country, the better it is for us. Less capable are. This is important.”

Destroyed Russian military vehicles were seen in Yahidne, near Chernihiv, Ukraine

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The ship sank Thursday as it was being towed into a port during the storm after an explosion and fire on board, according to Russian news agencies cited by the defense ministry.

Moscow had previously claimed that the 500 crew members aboard the eligible Soviet-era cruiser had been evacuated after the ammunition on board exploded, causing the fire.

However, the US confirmed Ukraine’s claim that it hit the warship with two Neptune anti-ship missiles.

Zelensky’s comments come only a day after he told Ukrainians they should be proud to have survived 50 days under the Russian attack when the invaders “gave us a maximum of five”.

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