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The 10 greatest Fortnite IGLs of all time

From the outside looking in, Fortnite tournaments can sometimes seem boring, or even unskilful. “Everyone just camps inside a box”, people argue. But it’s not that…

Fans of competitive Fortnite know that it’s like a game of three-dimensional chess. And In Game Leaders, commonly referred to as IGLs, are the ones making all the moves.

Cross-map rotations, Storm Surge strategies, taking highground; not only do IGLs have to be big-brained, but also great at communicating plays to their teammates. A single bad call can mean checkmate.

When I decided to make a list of the Top 10 Fortnite IGLs of all time, I didn’t count on it being this hard. Among other factors, I tried to consider placements, legacy, and the level of competition they faced.

The names and order of this list changed countless times, but this is what I eventually settled on:

Top 10 Fortnite IGLs of all time


Famously underrated, Reverse led controller stars Deyy and Mero to two FNCS titles and a 4th place finish. He even placed 8thin Squads with Ninja!

9. Arkram

Undoubtedly one of the winningest players in Fortnite history. Arkhram has dominated NA West for years, always finding a way to come out on top.

8. Setty

Consistency is key, and Setty doesn’t fail. If you’re watching a stacked endgame, you can bet your house that his team’s in there somewhere, raking in the placement points.


Some would argue that right now, Queasy is tea best IGL in the world. As if all the FNCS glory wasn’t enough, he’s just won 4/4 Zero Build Cash Cups across EU and NAE. It’s going to be a crazy season.

6. Chapter

Why is his in-game name “Oogway”? Because much like the Tortoise from Kung Fu Panda, Chapix is ​​a genuine master of his craft.

5. Zayt

Zayt is the first person you think of when you hear the phrase IGL. A true Fortnite genius, he is responsible for some of the fundamental strategies that teams still use today.

4. Centered

The undisputed king of lowground. Cented’s FNCS placements include 2n/a2n/a2n/a2n/a2n/a3rd3rd4th5th6thand 9th. Many have tried to replicate his playstyle, very few have come close.

3. Bugha

In conversations about who is the Fortnite GOAT, Bugha’s IGLing skills are often overshadowed by his Solo prowess. But the stats don’t lie; he’s placed 3rd1st1stand 1stin the last four team-based Finals, and his calls played a vital part in that success.

2. TaySon

Want to know how good TaySon is? He won FNCS on the toughest region four times in Chapter 2, and despite self-admittedly grinding less these last couple of seasons due to the meta, he’s still managed to finish 2n/a and 3rd.


Aqua pioneered highground perfection when he and Nyhrox became World Cup Duo Champions back in 2019. Three years later and he’s just picked up another trophy. Let’s pray his hand injury doesn’t force him into retirement.

I’d be shocked if you didn’t disagree at least slightly with this list. There’s so much talent out there, but these ten players have shown time and time again that they have what it takes to lead a team to victory at the very highest level.

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