Russia's latest atrocity unleashed a cloud of nitric acid that could blind Ukrainians

Russia’s latest atrocity unleashed a cloud of nitric acid that could blind Ukrainians

Russia’s latest atrocity unleashed a cloud of nitric acid that could blind Ukrainians

Russian forces reportedly hit a nitric acid reservoir in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, setting off panicked warnings to residents to protect their faces and stay indoors.

Serhiy Gaidai, the head of the Luhansk regional administration, issued a video speech warning residents that toxic fumes can cause “serious harm”.

“Prepare protective masks soaked in a soda solution. When applied topically to the eyes, nitric acid causes severe damage with extensive necrosis of the cornea and conjunctiva, resulting in loss of vision, “she said, urging those living near Rubizne to stay indoors and seal windows.

“This chemical is very toxic and we don’t know where the toxic cloud will go. We will check the air and wait for the rain, “she said.

The alarming alarm came when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky prepared to speak to the UN Security Council on growing evidence of Russian war crimes against Ukraine.

In comments to the Ukrainian media, Zelensky promised that Ukrainian authorities would create an “internal mechanism” to track down Russian soldiers accused of committing war crimes against Ukrainian civilians, just as the Israeli Mossad hunted down Nazi fugitives throughout. the world.

“We will certainly deal with this,” he said, adding that “lists will be drawn up” of all those Russians accused of executing and torturing Ukrainian civilians. “There are people who really want to find these criminals,” he told her.

“Prosecutors from various nations will deal with all these crimes … They see a great deal of evidence. And, unfortunately, the evidence will keep coming, there will be no less. There is still Izyum ahead and many places where there is still no access [for Ukrainian authorities]- occupied Melitopol, Berdyansk – we have no idea what happened there, ”he said.

His comments came when the scale of Russian atrocities in the city of Bucha, a suburb of Kiev, left the world gasping, with hundreds of innocent residents found killed on the streets, some with signs of torture. Satellite footage just released from the now liberated city showed that the bodies of massacred civilians had littered the streets for weeks before Ukrainian forces claimed territory from Russia, debunking Moscow’s blatant claim that Putin’s troops would not kill. “only one civilian” there and that must have been Ukrainian forces.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the executions were “staged” by Ukrainian psychic operations specialists, a claim that was echoed in a full-blown propaganda campaign on Russian state TV according to which intelligence services Westerners were behind the killings.

Faced with those Russian denials on Tuesday, Ukrainian media released aerial video which allegedly captures Russian troops in Bucha firing directly at a man who was simply passing by on a bicycle.

Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Komarov also shared footage of Bucha showing the aftermath of Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian displaced people. He said at least three civilian vehicles were found hit by gunshots along an evacuation route, including a bus with a young couple inside and a vehicle in which an elderly couple was killed.

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