Recent Street Fighter 6 footage shows how a successful Drive Parry will briefly grant throw invincibility

New match footage was recently revealed for Manon, Marisa, JP, Dee Jay, Blanka and Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6. Since the players involved actually seemed like they knew what they were doing, we actually got some competent gameplay for some of these characters for the first time.

During one of the matches, we saw Blanca go up against JP. As such, we had the opportunity to see one of Blanka’s new special attacks which involves him summoning one of his Blanka-chan dolls.

Initially, the Blanka-chan appears to be harmless against the opponent. However, these little dolls will become electrically charged if Blanka then uses his Electric Thunder special. From here, the Blanka-chan will seemingly behave a certain way, though this usually means that it will home in on the other character’s current position.

In the recent match footage, Blanka opted to use an electrically charged Blanka-chan as part of some sort of setup. In response to this, JP used the Drive Parry option to avoid the ensuing shenanigans.

After seeing that JP had successfully parried the Blanka-chan doll, Blanka then proceeded to go for a throw attempt. However, it would seem that performing a successful Drive Parry against an attack will grant a brief amount of throw invincibility, behaving similar to block stun.

Following this interaction, JP was able to punish Blanka by releasing the Drive Parry and performing his own back throw. It’s such a small detail, but it’s nice to know that Capcom has designed the game in such a way that guaranteed throw setups aren’t possible.

Check it all out below:


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