Off-duty cops in New Jersey can smoke weed without getting fired

Off-duty cops in New Jersey can smoke weed without getting fired

Off-duty cops in New Jersey can smoke weed without getting fired

The boys in blue are free to smoke some green in the Garden State.

According to Acting Attorney General Matthew Platkin, off-duty police officers in New Jersey can get high on the state’s legal weed without facing discipline.

Platkin sent a memo to police chiefs on Wednesday detailing the policy – which allows officers 21 and older to use cannabis in all forms while off work – a week before recreational weed arrives. on the shelves in the state, according to the memo.

“[Police departments] cannot take any adverse action against any official because he does or does not use cannabis out of service, “the memo states, as a reminder to comply with the Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act signed by Governor Phil Murphy.

The memo adds that a weed-contaminated urine test is no reason to fire a cop.

“An employee should not be subject to any adverse action from an employer solely due to the presence of cannabinoid metabolites in the employee’s body fluid,” he says.

New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin issued the note stating that a urine test that tests positive for marijuana is no reason to fire a police officer.

Conversely, New York police chiefs said they don’t want their officers to be snapped up by banning marijuana use among off-duty cops despite the drug legalization in Empire State last year.

“Regarding the recently passed state legislation that legalized the recreational use of marijuana, uniformed service members and civilians are reminded that the use of marijuana is still strictly prohibited,” reads a note last sent by the commanding officer of the medical division of the NYPD. April.

In March 2021, then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, allowing adults aged 21 and over to enlighten.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Cannabis Market Regulation, Enforcement Assistance and Modernization Act, and marijuana will be sold in state stores next week.

The law also prohibits New York employers from discriminating against workers for using weed outside of work, although that clause may not apply to all government employees, such as law enforcement.

“All existing patrol guide procedures regarding its ban and drug screening procedures remain in place. Members are reminded that they must always be fit for duty “, stated the note.

New Jersey voters passed a constitutional amendment allowing the recreational sale of cannabis to people 21 and older in November 2020. Retail store sales will begin April 21.

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