New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 15 Design Shock

iPhone 15 leaks claim Apple is planning several eye-opening design changes. Now prominent leaker ShrimpApplePro has revealed more details, saying the changes mean that “iPhone 15 now looks more Android than ever.”

In a series of tweets, the anonymous leaker claims that all iPhone 15 models will have curved edges with a Dynamic Island. The edges are said to create the same effect as on the Apple Watch, where Apple uses subtle curves to make the display look like it is spilling over the sides of the watch. This is a popular trend on Android smartphones, which is where I suspect the comparison comes from.

No doubt some iPhone fans will be concerned at the thought of their phones looking more like Android rivals. ShrimpApplePro does reassure them that their source “described the iPhone 15 pro max (aka ultra) as very beautiful,” with Apple also revealed to be slimming down the bezels on Pro models.

That said, if the leaker’s comparisons are correct, I suspect there will be a significant amount of shock and even backlash from hardcore Apple fanboys.

In addition, ShrimpApplePro says that iPhone 15 displays will be the same size as the iPhone 14 series (6.1 and 6.7 inches) and use Ceramic Shield glass. The leaker states that their source sees no difference in the size of the front-facing camera hole on standard iPhone 15 models and believes there will be no upgrade here. This makes sense.

Despite an outlandish moniker, ShrimpApplePro has a strong track record and was the first leaker to reveal the new pill-shaped cut-out in iPhone 14 Pro models, which ultimately housed the Dynamic Island. The leaker also expects the iPhone 15 range to come with solid-state volume and power buttons, something now widely reported by other sources.

With iPhone 15 prices expected to increase, Apple needs to capture fans’ attention, and it appears that the look of these phones will be one way the company goes about it — for better or worse.

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