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MSI renters’ insurance stands for Millennial Specialty Insurance. MSI is a Texas company that offers the best insurance coverage to customers. The company started operations in 1984 and provides apt coverages to its clientele worldwide. Though they offer many different kinds of insurance, renters’ insurance is one of the services with the most demand. 

MSI renters’ insurance also provides the best customer support, which is why they are a popular choice amongst clients. Similarly, they also provide good credit coverage to customers at affordable rates. Similarly, there are many other benefits of choosing MSI over other providers. 


What coverages does MSI renters’ insurance provide? 

There are five main coverages that MSI renters’ insurance provides. These include: 

Basic coverage 

Sometimes you may lose your property and need coverage to compensate for the loss. During such situations, you can go for MSI renters’ insurance basic coverage and cover up the financial loss you undergo. For example, you may get basic coverage if you face financial loss due to lightning, hailstorms, or electrical equipment damage. These situations are some of the most common reasons people go for basic coverage. 

Premier coverage 

Premier coverage gives you more additional benefits than the basic one. In other words, by choosing this coverage, you get the benefits of basic coverage with some additional perks. These perks include coverages which you can go for if you have an electrical appliance for repair. In other words, this coverage is apt for you if you face irreversible damage. 

Liability coverage 

MSI renters’ insurance provides you liability coverage for your damaged property or if you damage someone’s property. In addition, you can also be eligible for medical coverage of $25000 if a person gets injured while inside your property. 

Medical coverage 

You can get medical coverage if a person gets injured inside your property. In such situations, you can get coverage up to $25000 to cover their medical expenses. 

Additional coverage 

Additional coverage at MSI renters’ insurance includes coverage for loss of valuables, silverware, goldware, or even cash. You can also try going for additional coverage with MSI renters if there is damage or you undergo an injury due to firearms, watercraft, or any recreational activities. Natural calamities like fire, floods, or earthquakes also come under additional coverage.

MSI Renters’ Insurance- Everything You Should Know

How much does the MSI renters’ insurance coverage cost? 

The national average for MSI renters’ insurance covers adds up to $166 per year. However, the cost of MSI renters’ coverage varies from state to state. 


Along with the premiums, you also get a lot of discounts with MSI renters’ insurance. Some of the discounts you get through them are good driver discounts, multiple policy discounts, welcome discounts, and loyalty discounts. 


Is MSI renters’ insurance a good choice? 

MSI renters’ is a great choice in terms of cost-effectiveness and coverage. It offers a lot of additional coverage, which helps you get the best benefits. In addition, you may also add extra services which you need to any coverage you choose (after reading the policy). 

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How to cancel MSI renters’ insurance? 

You can easily cancel your MSI renters’ insurance by contacting the company. It’s quite easy to cancel your insurance. You can do this by contacting the company via mail or phone. You can also dial 844-788-0873 or drop a mail at .Please remember to share your policy number when you cancel. Also, remember to share your policy number when you request a cancellation of your MSI renters’ insurance. 

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