Sunday, December 4, 2022

Johnny Depp Returns To Disney

By James Brizuela | 8 seconds ago

Disney has officially welcomed back Johnny Depp to Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, he hasn’t quite been confirmed to appear in any of the new films just yet, but he is officially back as the mascot of the ride that has been a mainstay at the Disneyland theme park since 1967. had been shut down for some refurbishment work, which included sound improvements and cleanup, which might be regarding some of the characters shown during the ride, but fans were more than pleased to reveal that Depp was back in his normal spot as Captain Jack Sparrow.

If we are being honest, this while refurbishment plan might have been to take out Johnny Depp had he lost his lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, however, that was certainly not the case. This is just speculation, but the timing seems a bit coincidental. Many were wondering what would happen next with Disney, and they had initially projected an image of Depp in Disneyland Paris, just days after he had won his case. This led to people calling out the company, stating that Disney should be apologizing to the man, especially since they are so willing to use his image again. That’s a very fair request. It is good to see the man returning to his best role, albeit with only appearing in attractions so far.

Johnny Depp is going through a bit of resurgence, as the public has continually backed the man up since his troubles with Heard began. Because of his huge win in the courtroom, he can now leave these huge issues behind and get back to acting. He is currently making music again, as a new album with legendary rock icon Jeff Beck is set to be released. The pair have already released a single off the new album. Also, we had reported that Depp was in talks for a cameo in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, though that has yet to be confirmed. He is also set to start filming his first movie role since the trial. He will portray King Louis XV in Jeanne du Barry.

Johnny Depp had stated in court that he would not return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, even for $300 million. However, that may have been because Disney was quiet about backing him up, though he was the face of one of their most successful franchises. Now that he has returned as the figurehead for the ride, that could mean that Disney has offered up their apologies and wallets for the man to return to his best role. They might have had to offer him $301 million to make it happen, but they can certainly afford it.

Pirates of the Caribbean just wouldn’t be the same without Johnny Depp. Although there is a film that is going to be led by Margot Robbie, who is a fantastic actress, Depp would be sorely missed. Another Pirates spinoff film is said to be eyeing Dwayne Johnson as well, but we would love to see Depp appear in that as well. Either way, we are all hoping to see Depp return to his best role, period.

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