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Lana Condor and Zoe Colletti star in Netflix’s Boo, Bitch! netflix

Unfortunately, Stranger Things Season Four has come to an end. That doesn’t mean Netflix is ​​lacking in new content, though.

This week, Netflix fans are getting a wide array of new releases sure to give everyone something to watch. There’s Lana Condor’s new mini series Boo, bitch where a teenager becomes a ghost and must handle her unfinished business, and for kids, there’s the animated film The Sea Beast which sees a young girl stow away on a legendary sea monster hunter’s boat.

Whether you’re looking for a family friendly adventure or a campy comedy, here’s everything coming to Netflix the week of July 4, 2022.

  • July 4
    • Leave No Trace: A father and daughter living an isolated life in the wilderness must find a new home after they are discovered.

  • July 6
    • Control Z: Season 3: The final season of the series about a high schooler investigating a hacker comes to streaming.
    • Girl in the Picture: This documentary explores the life of a woman who was found dying by the side of the road.
    • Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between: A couple plans to break up before college, but they need to go on one last goodbye date.
    • King of Stonks: An ambitious finance guy works his way up the ladder however necessary.
    • Uncle From Another World: After being in a coma, a boy’s uncle wakes up speaking a different language and with magical powers.

  • July 7
    • The Flash: Season 8: The eight season of the popular CW series comes to Netflix.
    • Karma’s World: Season 3: Karma keeps solving problems while crafting masterful lyrics.
    • Vinland Saga: Season 1: A young man seeks adventure far from his home in Iceland.
  • July 8
    • Boo, Bitch: A teenager becomes a ghost during her senior year and must take care of her unfinished business.
    • Capitani: Season 2: An investigator teams up with a local police officer to investigate the murder of a young girl.
    • Dangerous links: This adaptation of the novel follows teenagers navigating life in high school.
    • How to Build a Sex Room: A designer helps couples craft erotic rooms in their homes.

  • July 8 [Con’t]
    • Incantation: After breaking a religious taboo, a woman must protect her daughter from the consequences.
    • Jewel: After visiting a massacre memorial, two women connect and confront their shared pasts.
    • The Longest Night: Armed forces attempt to take a serial killer from a psychiatric hospital.
    • Ranveer vs. Wild with Bear Grylls: Ranveer Singh and Bear Grylls face the Serbian wilderness.
    • The Sea Beast: A young girl stows away on a sea creature hunting ship.
  • July 10
    • 12 Strong: Special forces team up with a warlord to take down a mutual enemy in Afghanistan.

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