Harry Styles Best Songs

Every Harry Styles song ranked

Every Harry Styles song ranked

Harry Styles released his debut solo single “Sign of the Times” five years ago, in April 2017. Since then, he has built one of the strangest and weirdest songbooks of modern times: a brilliant body of work by a brilliant singer, songwriter and performer. And he’s about to get bigger, since he’s also an evil angel of chaos who never tires of ravaging our lives.

Now is the perfect time to celebrate that songbook, as the world awaits its third solo album, Harry’s house, which will be released on May 20. (And while the world is recovering from its sequined set at Coachella.) So let’s break it down: all 30 of Harry Styles’ songs, rated and reviewed. No clunker here, just gems, so it’s a tribute to every single song.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of Harrys. She is a pop star. An actor. A scholar of the history of music. A fashion icon. A dangerous madman who finds his pleasure in getting under our skin and destroying our expectations and dancing on our madness. And honestly, bless him for it. It’s all of these things, but as these songs prove, the truest, truest Harry is the one who puts his heart and soul of him into this music.

The list includes everything from both of his solo albums, plus his brand new number one, “As It Was”. Also the two new songs by Harry’s house which he just unveiled at Coachella. We are counting the songs she has done regularly on her tours, even if they have not been officially released. Sure, this is totally cheating, but otherwise we’d have to leave “Medicine” off the list, which would be a tragedy.

Obviously, there are no One Direction songs; it would be a completely different list. (As the old song says, we don’t want a shadow to hold us hostage, right?) This list excludes his great covers, like “Landslide” or “Juice” or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. (Trust me, I was tempted to cheat on this rule to include his Coachella duets with Shania Twain.)

Each fan would compile a different list – that’s fun, especially with a canon full of goodies. (The words are the point here, not the numbers.) So let’s make some noise for all 30 of these songs and for the man who brought them into the world. And here’s the music he has in store for the future. Step into the light.

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