Eagles News: Philadelphia gets an A + rating for their trade with the Saints

Eagles News: Philadelphia gets an A + rating for their trade with the Saints

Eagles News: Philadelphia gets an A + rating for their trade with the Saints

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NFL free agency: votes for every major buy and trade in 2022, plus draft outlook for every move – ESPN +
Saints rating: B … Eagles rating: A +. The Eagles, who entered the day with three first-round picks in this draft, have always been seen as the team most likely to trade a first-round pick. They made the playoffs last season and their lack of immediate needs plus the value of trading a better pick meant other teams were calling. With this move, they remain in good position to draw up an impact perspective now, but they also have two first rounds for 2023 if they want to tackle the quarterback position. To choice n. 15 and 18 overall, Philadelphia will be able to take on the wide receiver (Garrett Wilson, Chris Olave), the defensive end (Jermaine Johnson II) or the linebacker (Devin Lloyd, Nakobe Dean) with high-level prospects. Perhaps most importantly, the team is loaded, with two first rounds in 2023 and two seconds in 2024 if Jalen Hurts didn’t establish himself as a long-term quarterback. The Eagles now have the capital to chase a potential client like Bryce Young (Alabama) or CJ Stroud (Ohio State) next year – if Hurts struggles.

Eagles trade with Saints 2023 first round pick and more as they trade some selections this year – BGN
It has long been said in this space that the Eagles MUST trade one of their first-round picks of 2022 for a selection in 2023. With this year’s draft class not necessarily promising as a quarterback, the Eagles may now have a better chance. to acquire a new passerby next year. This isn’t necessary if Jalen Hurts thrives … but the Eagles are clearly bracing themselves for the possibility (read: probability) that he won’t be able to clear all doubts as a long-term starter under center. Despite all his flaws, Roseman is quite good when it comes to maneuvering. This exchange is another example of how he shows his strengths. The Eagles (and their fans) will happily cheer against the Saints over the next two seasons to hope those choices end up being as favorable as possible.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ big proof exchange puts Jalen Hurts on the clock – ESPN
That last sentence seemed to cancel the previous one, or at least amend the thought to be devoted to Jalen … for now. Lurie went on to talk about the idea of ​​an “automatic franchise quarterback” and how such a player is “almost non-existent”. It was weird to hear him refer to a franchise quarterback as being almost mythical after spending so much time and energy chasing one over the past two decades. The search has continued over the past few months, with the Eagles taking a serious look at Deshaun Watson and doing their homework on Russell Wilson. Lurie would only acknowledge that they do due diligence on every player who becomes available. But it was more than that.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman beats peers on the fist with leveraged pick trade – MAQB
This is not the year to look for a quarterback. Next year, Ohio State’s CJ Stroud and Bama’s Bryce Young are looming as top picks, and there are guys like Miami’s Tyler Van Dyke who have shown promise that they can become high-end prospects. Such high picks next year, whether you’re looking for a quarterback or not, are more valuable. For me, I guess this means the Eagles will stay with Jalen Hurts in 2022 (although I had heard them connected to Malik Willis for the past couple of weeks) and will see how Hurts progresses. If he doesn’t show them something, they get aggressive with those choices to get a veteran (and who knows who will be available then) or a beginner. If he looks good, well then you have ammo to put more around.

Time is running out on Jalen Hurts after the Eagles swap in 2023 – Inquirer
While the adage “watch what they do, not what they say” is safe to watch out for as far as the Eagles are concerned, when it comes to quarterbacks, their words can often predict their actions, or at least reveal their motives. “That’s why we commit to Jalen at age 23,” owner Jeffrey Lurie said last week when asked about the Eagles’ commitment to quarterback Jalen Hurts. “Who knows what the future holds, right? That’s where it goes ”. Translation: Hurts gets the 2022 season and then all bets are void.

Howie Goes Howie – Iggles Blitz
The Saints will be a very interesting team this year. They will miss a fantastic head coach in Sean Payton, their LT star and a couple of good securities. This is a lot of talent, but also key veteran leaders. The Saints could really fight. If so, the choice of the first round of 2023 might look fantastic. The Saints could also freeze and play better than expected if Dennis Allen proves to be a good coach, Jameis Winston plays well and Michael Thomas stays healthy. Perhaps the choice ends in the 20-30 range. Howie was smart about taking the opportunity. If the Saints fight and this ends up being a top pick, the Eagles have a chance to get one of the best QBs next April. It would be huge if Jalen injured the flat lines this year. If Hurts turns out to be a senior starter, the Eagles can add a key player somewhere else. Smart risk.

Saints Reportedly Agree to Successful Draft Trade Before 2022 NFL Draft – Canal Street Chronicles
Here’s the easiest way to think about it: The New Orleans Saints traded a 2022 Round 3 pick (of which they had two) and a 2024 Round 2 pick to convert next year’s Round 1 pick into a first round pick this year. The Saints have gone from having 3 picks in the top 100 selections to having 4 picks in the Top 100, including two picks in the Top 20. The biggest advantage of this exchange is that the front office of the New Orleans Saints must really, really appreciate the first round talent in the draft this year to make this move now, without knowing how the board falls on the day of the draft. This move also communicates that the front office believes the New Orleans Saints of 2022 will be a contender and they believe, at least right now, that their first pick for next year will be low.

Rumors of Cowboys free agency 2022: Dallas was interested in trading for now-Patriots WR DeVante Parker – Blogging The Boys
After trading Amari Cooper, the Cowboys obviously need a wide receiver. Many believe the NFL 2022 Draft is where they will eventually find an answer, but trade and free will still exist as options. The Cowboys added a free agency receiver by signing James Washington. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, they were also involved in DeVante Parker’s discussions with the Dolphins before New England won.

Washington’s injury numbers were miserable again in 2021 – Hogs Haven
With the signing of the new manager on the horizon and the Washington roster continuing to rejuvenate – last year he was the league’s 13th oldest – due to the loss of players like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Scherff, the expectation is that they should be able to crawl out of the league basement on injuries, but only time will tell if they can finally shake the ignominious distinction of “most injured team in the NFL”.

The giants “don’t want to make” two top-10 picks: Peter King – Big Blue View
Just a “wild guess” from me, but I’d say King’s wild guess is likely to have some information behind it. Maybe the Giants both make their picks at number 5 and 7, maybe not. Swapping either pick for additional draft capital, especially including a first-round pick of 2023, makes too much sense for the Giants not to believe it’s something GM Joe Schoen will consider.

NFL 2022 Draft: Six Round 1 Trades That Make Sense – NFL.com
The Seahawks Receive: The No. 5 (Round 1). The giants receive: n. 9 overall (Round 1), n. 72 overall (Round 3), no. 145 overall (Round 5, from DET via DEN). If the Seahawks are not interested in acquiring the disgruntled and displaced Baker Mayfield from Cleveland to replace the late Russell Wilson, they must date one of the best quarterbacks in this draft. Malik Willis (who boasts directing skills), Matt Corral (who has a lightning-fast release) or Kenny Pickett or Desmond Ridder (both regular actors) must be on their radar. Seattle could enter the top three to select one of those quarterbacks, given the past propensity shown by general manager John Schneider and manager Pete Carroll to swap future assets to acquire a player of value; just two years ago, the team pulled out a package for former Jets safety Jamal Adams that included more first-rounders, including the Seahawks’ original first-round pick this year. I will cautiously project, however, that they will instead give up two rounds selections from mid-to-end (in addition to the ninth overall pick, secured by Denver via the Wilson swap) to jump ahead of two other teams looking for young passersby: Carolina (who owns the sixth overall selection) and Atlanta (eighth). These two franchises are also aware of this possibility, so don’t be surprised if one of them jumps into the top three to avoid being bypassed.

Monday Football Monday # 82: Things we forgot happened this year in the NFL – The SB Nation NFL Show
Speaking of the power of the news cycle, Pete Sweeney and RJ Ochoa reflect on some of the forgotten things that happened on and off the pitch last year.

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