David Crosby was working on a new album just before he died

David Crosby
Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

David Crosby died a few days agoand while we already heard about a weird post-apocalyptic, alternate-history hippie documentary he never got to make, some of his collaborators recently revealed that he actually had some more traditional projects in the works right before his death. According to Varietyright up until the day he died, he was working on a new album and rehearsing for a new tour that he was planning to announce this month.

That, curiously, goes against what was said in the first press releases confirming his death, which said he had been suffering from a long illness, with musician Steve Postell (who would’ve been involved with this tour) saying that, yes,.” he was a weakened guy from a lot of different preexisting conditions,” but “he was not dying. We were rehearsing. We were going out to dinner.” Postell told Variety that he had been talking about the tour with Crosby over the phone on the day he died and that Crosby “was not lying in a bed for two years, out of it.” Instead, he was still working and making music and thinking about what would’ve been his first tour since the pandemic.

Singer Sarah Jarosz told Variety Similar things about Crosby’s last days, saying he had asked her to sing on a new song he was working on for a new album. She said that she didn’t get to be with him in the studio, but she went to him for her vocals the week he died and Crosby’s son, Raymond Crosby, told her that his father did get a chance to hear them before he died. She said that the impression she got from Crosby was that he “just wanted to create until the very end.” She added that she was “just so inspiring” after talking with him “because it just seemed like he had endless music within him and worked so hard to just keep making it, obviously up until the very end.”


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