Chase locking up some ATMs at 5 pm due to NYC crime

Some Chase ATMs in the city are no longer available around-the-clock.

Chase Bank announced that various ATM vestibules will be closed at the same time as the branches due to rising crime and vagrancy.

In a response to a tweet calling a locked ATM “annoying” Chase Support said that it decided to close “several” ATM vestibules at 5 pm or 6 pm

A company spokesperson said that the lockdowns may be temporary.

It is not clear which locations are affected.

This is an ongoing trend in New York City. In August, it was reported that other banks were locking up NYC ATM vestibules to keep out homeless people.

From setting up makeshift shelters to using them to relieve themselves, homeless people have become a nuisance problem at some Midtown Manhattan banks.


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