Big D’s Ice Climbers touch of death sequence in the grand finals came out of nowhere and caused an explosion of hype

Get On My Level 2022’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament had a rather unique ending as it featured the Ice Climbers going up against Steve. Although players that use the Ice Climbers in Melee and Brawl weren’t typically cheered for due to the duo’s emphasis on unintentional infinites, the Ice Climbers players in Ultimate are a different story since the duo is generally recognized as being on the weaker side. Needless to say, the crowd was most certainly on SHZ|Big D‘s side during his match up against IE|Onin’s Steve — a character that’s also becoming quite despised these days.

Going into the first game of the set, it felt like Onin was in full control of the match’s pacing. Onin was a stock ahead whereas Big D was on his last stock. However, events would play out very differently, and very quickly in the next few seconds. Skiff captured the clip and uploaded it to Twitter.

After landing an unorthodox knock out via Steve’s own block, Big D waited for Onin to respawn for his final stock. Instead of opting to pressure Big D while his respawn invincibility was still active, Onin instead chose to run to the other side of the stage where his crafting table sat. Using the diamond resources he previously gathered, Onin was able to craft diamond weapons which effectively gives Steve access to some of the best attacks in the game.

Upon seeing this, Big D did not waste this opportunity. While the initial dash attack punish was unremarkable, it began a chain of events that ultimately led to Big D winning, five seconds later.

By chaining a back aerial into a side special, Big D was then able to link into the Ice Climbers up aerial. Finally, he finished Steve off with a surprise up special that launched off the top. Steve got hit at 75.7% and died at 95.9%.

Though Onin was ultimately the one that won the entire set, this moment was a huge win for Big D when it happened. Check it out in the clip below:


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