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Best RV Awning Lights For Soothing Effects

Weekend trips with your recreational vehicles are always beneficial to your mental health. For daytime activities, the sunlight takes care of illuminating the surrounding area. When RV is parked, the awning shed provides a protective cover against the harsh sun. When the night arrives, the awning light steps in to brighten the area around your RV.

Awning lights are a series of LED lights fitted on the awning or the outer side of an RV. They generally use different color lights for creating a decorative look. Awning lights help in controlling the temperature of light for soothing effects or a fully brighter outdoor space. Before buying awning lights for your RV, you must understand a few governing factors.

  • Type of bulb: Selection of the type of light bulb solely depends on the purpose. The awning light may be used only for normal lighting or in some cases, for decorative purposes. You can use older incandescent light bulbs or new LED lights. The type of light bulb controls other factors like brightness or power consumption.
  • Brightness: Most common question asked about light is often about its brightness. You would not want low lighting conditions to ruin your evening dinner plans. For an awning, the brightness must be enough to cover a good amount of area. It also helps other people in locating your RV’s location.
  • Type of mounting: Awning lights are not necessarily fitted on the awning bar. Various lights have different mounting arrangements due to their shapes and sizes. Mountings are designed in a way not to hinder the opening/closing of the awning shed. They can be quickly installed and removed too.

By considering these factors, you can narrow down suitable options for your RV before buying one. Various awning light options are being introduced to the RV accessories market due to the consumer’s evolving demands. To make your selection process easier, we have compiled a list of some best options available. They are further explained in detail along with a “Buying Guide” to address any confusion.

Best RV Awning Lights List

Best RV Awning Lights Reviews

1. Camco RV Awning Light

Our first products come from a brand synonymous with RV-related products. Camco has been manufacturing several quality accessories for RVs for the last six decades. Its reliability and innovation have helped in gaining the trust of consumers.

The Camco 42751 Decorative Awning Globe Light has an appealing design. It has a total of 10 fixtures that can accommodate a 60W capacity bulb. The bulbs are covered with a polycarbonate globe of 6-inch diameter with a bronze color scheme. The globes have a half-body design that can be removed while installing the bulbs. When the bulbs are lighted, a soothing light color shade is produced.

With a cord length of 30 feet, the lights easily cover the length of any awning bar. The light fixtures are provided with two types of mountings. The molded hanger can be slid between awning tracks. For other types of mounting, a hole is provided on the future body. The s-hooks can be used to hang the lights over the awning bar.

Best Features:

  • 6-inch polycarbonate globes with bronze color
  • Electric fixtures for 60W bulb
  • 30-feet long cable
  • Molded hanger and hook-hole for mounting
  • Multiple color globe options


  • The globe is weather-resistant and deflects UV rays increasing the overall life of lights
  • The electrical fixtures of the lights are compatible with LED bulbs too
  • It covers the whole awning shed and offers enough illumination


  • The bronze tint on the globe is not suitable for colored bulbs

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2. SUPERNIGHT RV Awning Light

SUPERNIGHT RV Awning Globe LightWhenever it comes to selecting LED products, SuperNight is one of the well-known names. It is a high-tech brand that offers the best quality LED lighting solutions.

The SuperNight SMD5050 Awning Light has a multicolor setup. It has over 150 LED bulbs fitted on a flexible circuit board strip. The LED bulbs have an RGB color setup that can produce different colors. To control the brightness and color combinations, a dedicated remote is provided with over 44 selection keys. Customized color schemes can also be set using the remote control.

The light can be connected to the DC 12V power adapter and it will illuminate everything around the RV. The 16.4-feet long LED strip has special cutting lines. This makes it simple to cut customized lengths of LED strips or join extra LED strips to cover the awning length. The LED strip is rated with IP65 for Waterproofing.

Best Features:

  • LED light strip with 150 RGB bulbs
  • The overall length of 16.4-feet
  • Remote control with 44 function keys
  • 12V DC power adapter included
  • Rate with waterproof IP65 level


  • The light supports dimming and can lower or increase brightness smoothly
  • The cutting line on the strip helps in customizing the length of the light
  • With the color combination of RGB lights, you can use it for decorative purposes too


  • It does not have mounting holes or hooks

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3. Seagenck RV Awning Light

Seagenck RV Awning Globe LightSeagen has a wider range of lighting solution products for RVs. Being committed to providing consumers with good service, it has developed many high-quality products.

We have another LED strip setup with the Seagen RV LED Awning Lights. It is equipped with 60 LED bulbs which produce enough brightness to light up the surrounding area of the RV. To connect the lights to RV’s electrical outlet, a female DC power jack and a male connector. The length of the male DC wire is over 2 meters which further reduces the distance between the light strip and the power source.

The overall length of the light is over 16.4-feet. If you feel like customizing this length, the whole light has a cutting line. You can safely trim or join the awning lights via this line without causing damage to the other lights. You can easily stick this light on the awning extension as it has a sticky back. Being weatherproof and waterproof, the light ensures lighting your evening for 50,000hrs.

Best Features:

  • An awning light with 60 white LED bulbs
  • The overall length of 16.4-feet
  • Female power jack to connect power outlets
  • 2 meters long male DC wire
  • The average lifespan of 50,000 hrs


  • Being weatherproof and waterproof, the light can endure harsh outdoor conditions
  • The need for extra mountings and fixtures is eliminated due to the adhesive back of the light
  • It uses very less energy to produce a very bright light


  • Multiple color options are not available

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4. LATCH.IT RV Awning LightsLATCH.IT RV Awning Globe Light

Latch.It also manufactures high-quality products for RV and camping. Its products are user-friendly, safer, and have good durability. This keeps the overall camping experience peaceful and more enjoyable.

The Latch.It RV Awning Lights is a feature-loaded unit. This 20-feet long light can easily cover the awning length. The RGB bulb scheme helps illuminate the surroundings with 1800 lumens of brightness. To mount these lights on the awning or RV’s side profile, a 20-feet polycarbonate channel is also provided.

The light fits and blends with this channel perfectly. To make the connections waterproof a 3M VHB tape seals the channel perfectly. To remotely control the light’s features, an RF remote is also provided. You can change the colors and dim/control brightness too. A pair of 12V DC adapters are also used to connect lights with power.

Best Features:

  • 20-feet long awning light
  • The maximum brightness of 1,800 lumens
  • 20-feet channel to mount the light
  • 3M VHB tape for sealing the connections
  • 2 DC power adapter of 12V capacity


  • The RF remote helps in controlling lights from the comfort of the user’s hand
  • The RGB bulbs help in creating different types of color
  • The light can be cut to the desired length without damaging the overall circuit


  • The RF remote is sometimes laggy

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5. ROLiGHTiC RV Awning Lights

ROLiGHTiC RV Awning LightsRoLightic is a manufacturer of RV-related LED lighting solutions. It has a range of multifunctional lighting products that can be used for domestic and other applications.

The RoLightic RV Awning Lights is a multi-color unit. The lights have over 150 LED bulbs of RGB configuration. With 20 different color schemes and patterns, this light makes sure to grab everyone’s attention. An IR remote controller with 44 keys is provided, to access different functions and settings of the lights. A dedicated custom color button helps in creating and storing colors of your choice.

To install the lights over the awning surface, ten 3M adhesive hooks are provided. You can also use mounting clips and screws. They can be placed equidistant over the 16.4-feet length of the light. A 12V DC power cord takes care of connecting the lights with power outlets. Rated with IP65, the light can endure moisture, rain, and snow.

Best Features:

  • Awning light with 150 LED bulbs
  • RGB configuration offers 20 color schemes with room for customization
  • IR remote with 44 function keys
  • 4-feet overall length
  • 12V DC power cable


  • It is easy to mount the lights with the help of 3M adhesive hooks
  • The remote has a memory function that stores 6 custom colors of your choice
  • The length is customizable due to the cutting and linking ability of the light strip


  • The mounting clips and screws take more time to install

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6. Dream Lighting RV Awning Light

Dream Lighting RV LED Awning LightDream lighting specializes in the manufacturing and development of LED products. It has a team of engineers and designers that adapts to the market demands and creates a compatible product lineup.

The Dream Lighting RV Awning Lights also use LED bulbs. Over 24 bulbs are fitted inside an aluminum housing which protects it from water damage. The lights are capable of delivering brightness levels of 350 lumens. Pairing this with the 40-degree downcasting illumination, brightness is focused as light rays do not scatter.

The color temperature offered by this light is 7000K which reproduces a cool white shade. You can easily connect the lights to your RV’s battery as they are compatible with any 12V DC power supply. For mounting screws, the housing has 2 holes on each side. To control brightness, the light is compatible with an external dimmer.

Best Features:

  • Pair of Awning lights
  • 24 LED bulbs enclosed inside an aluminum housing
  • Maximum brightness of 350 lumens
  • 40-degree downcasting illumination
  • Produces color temperature of 7000K


  • Mounting of the lights is easy with the help of mountings screws
  • The housing keeps the bulbs away from water, dust, and other environmental elements
  • The compact size helps the light in blending with the awning shade


  • The power adapter is not included with the light

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7. WELLUCK RV Awning Light

WELLUCK RV Awning LightsWelluck offers a wide range of lighting solutions for RVs, street lights, emergencies, etc. By developing innovative and reliable products, it always strives to meet consumer demands.

We have another strip light on the list, the Welluck RV LED Camper Awning Lights. This is a dimmable light setup made up of LED bulbs. The RGB lights offer two different modes. One mode throws a warm white light while the other mode produces multicolor light. The 12-feet length helps in covering the whole awning space.

The RF remote is paired with an RF receiver, ultimately creating a remote control over the lights. The brightness and color patterns can be controlled via a remote. A pair of 12V DC adapters power the lights. The light strip can be fitted inside the 12-feet tube with the help of tape. The tube is then mounted on the surface.

Best Features:

  • Awning light with dimmable LED bulb
  • RGB configuration for the production of warm white or colorful light
  • The overall length of 12 feet to reach every corner of an awning
  • Pair of 12V DC Power adapters
  • Remote controller with RF receiver
  • 12-feet long strip tube


  • The lights are compatible with standard RV batteries
  • It supports trimming to keep the length of light as per your need
  • The dimming feature saves the overall power consumption


  • Mounting the tube on an awning surface is not easy

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8. Kohree RV Awning Light

Kohree RV Awning LightsKohree is a manufacturer and supplier of lighting, automotive, and other types of products. It keeps consumer satisfaction as the topmost priority. Hence, it tries to provide better quality products at a reasonable price range.

The Kohree RV Awning Light has adopted smart technology to enhance the user experience. It is equipped with RGB LED lights. The light can produce 16 color combinations along with  4 patterns. With a 20-feet length, the light will cover the awning as well as a major portion of the RV. The light can be fit into 20 silicon channels of 30 cm in length with the VHB tape.

Power cables help in establishing a connection between the lights and the RV power outlets. It has an app connectivity feature that gives the user remote access to the light’s functions up to 10 meters. The light can be synced with music and it will automatically start blinking to the beats. A 360-degree RF remote controller is also provided which works up to 8 meters distance.

Best Features:

  • App-connected awning light
  • 20-feet long LED strip with RGB bulbs
  • 16 color combinations and 4 pattern modes
  • A total of twenty silicon channels to fit the awning light
  • 12-feet VHB tape to stick lights in channels


  • The light has an IP68 rating for waterproofing and hence it will operate even in heavy rains
  • The 360-degree IR remote will control light even with obstacles since it produces strong signals
  • Due to the dimming feature, the brightness levels can be controlled smoothly


  • Mounting all the light channels takes a lot of time

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9. EXCELFU RV Awning Light

EXCELFU RV Awning LightTo offer better quality lighting solutions at a lower price, ExcelFu always keeps an eye on consumer feedback. This helps in upgrading its product quality and functionality.

The ExcelFu Rv Awning Lights are also multicolor units. The 20-feet long LED strip makes sure to cover the awning easily. The pair of 12V DC power cords ensures the connection between the light and RV power outlet. The connector is waterproof and it will still work after getting drenched in the rain. Not only connector but the light is also rated IP68 waterproof which ensures damage-free performance in the rainy and snowy seasons.

To control the light colors or brightness, a dedicated remote controller is provided. This control works with a control center to help users access the functions of light. The back of this light has a 3M tape which helps in sticking the light on any surface. Similar to other LED strips, this light also supports trimming and has guiding lines for cutting.

Best Features:

  • Awning light with LED bulbs
  • 20 feet long with 3M tape on the back
  • Remote controller with a control center
  • Rated with IP68 waterproofing
  • Pair of 12V DC power cords


  • This light can be used for harsh outdoor conditions
  • The brightness can be adjusted without damaging the bulbs
  • A dense bulb quantity of 60 LEDs/foot produces brighter light


  • The remote controller lags if obstructed by anything

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10. Vbakor RV Awning Light

Vbakor RV Awning LightVbakor develops and manufactures lighting solutions specifically for RVs. Due to the use of high-quality materials, its product range shows excellent durability.

Vbakor RV Awning Light uses premium quality materials. This light strip uses LED bulbs which produce a higher level of brightness. It has a length of 20 feet, enough to cover the awning shade. To connect lights with power, two cables of 2-meter length are provided. These cables help in supplying power to the awning lights at any position.

Over 10 pieces of 3M tape offer enough mounting strength to hold the awning lights. As these lights have an operating voltage of 12V, the standard RV battery is safe for the lights. The light is covered with a water-resistant glue to improve its water resistance abilities. Being a power efficient unit, it can run for 50,000hrs.

Best Features:

  • Awning light with white LED strips
  • The overall length of 20 feet
  • 2-meter power extension cables
  • Waterproof rating of IP65
  • 10 pieces of 3M tape
  • The average life of 50,000 hrs


  • Apart from RVs, these lights can be used for campers and other vehicles too
  • The light supports trimming of the overall length without getting damaged
  • The installation process of the light is very easy and takes less time


  • It does not have a multicolor setting

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11. Waybelive RV Awning Light

Waybelive LED RV LightWaybelive has a range of outdoor lighting solutions for RVs as well as other applications. The plus point of its product range is aggressive pricing. It can offer affordable products without compromising on quality.

Following the footsteps of the brand, the Waybelive RV Awning Lights challenges other options with aggressive pricing. It uses LED bulbs and has over 16 different patterns that create unique color combinations. Pair this with 4 different modes and you will get an unforgettable experience. The light strip is 16.4-feet long which easily covers the awning. It has a male DC cable which establishes a power connection between the light and the RV power outlet.

The light accepts commands from the remote controller up to a 16-feet distance. To mount this light on the awning, 38 adhesive clips are provided. Screws are also provided for an alternate mounting process. The light has incredible flexibility and adapts to any curvature or corner. For the durability part, it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions thanks to the protective tubing over lights.

Best Features:

  • 4 feet long awning light with RGB LED bulbs
  • 16 patterns and 4 modes for unique color reproduction
  • Remote controller with a 16-feet range
  • Multiple mounting options like adhesive clips or mounting screws
  • An operational voltage of 12V
  • Male DC wire to connect power with lights


  • The flexibility of the lights helps when the surface has corners or contours
  • It comes with a 1-year replacement warranty
  • The light carries an affordable price tag


  • It does not have a dimming option to control the brightness

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12. AUGREX RV Awning Light AUGREX LED RV Light

Our last product comes from a brand that has a big lineup of RV accessories. Augrex stands out from the other products due to its high-quality products. Using advanced technologies, it incorporates new designs to make its products more appealing.

The Augrex RV Awning Light has a LED bulb strip. Due to its operating voltage of 12V DC, the RV battery offers a suitable power input. For proper waterproofing and protection against environmental factors, the whole LED strip is covered with plastic. It is 16.4-feet long and easily brightens the surrounding areas with warm white color.

The light strip has a good flexible body that adapts to the surface contour. A 6.6-feet male DC cord connects the light with a female DC power jack and ultimately with a power source. Similarly to other LED strips, this light can be trimmed too. For better mounting, the strip uses 3M tape to stick on the awning surface.

Best Features:

  • Awning light strip with LED bulb
  • The overall length of 16.4-feet
  • 6-feet male DC cable and a female DC power jack
  • The average life of 50,000hrs
  • The color temperature of 3000K produces a warm white shade
  • 3M tape back to easily stick the light on any surface


  • The light is equipped with weatherproof protection and hence suitable for outdoor conditions
  • It is suitable for all camping vehicles and does not need extra accessories
  • Remote controlling of the light functions is possible


  • The sticky back of the light strip is not suitable for temporary mounting purposes

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Buying Guide For The Best RV Awning Lights

Now that we have thoroughly explained all the best options, it becomes important to discuss some governing factors. Your plans for the night might end up in darkness if you neglect these factors during the selection process. This buying guide walks you through various aspects of these factors. It will ultimately deal with your confusion and will narrow down your perfect option.

1. Type Of Bulbs

The bulb type is chosen carefully as it ultimately affects other factors. Every bulb has its properties like overall brightness, power consumption, etc. Incandescent bulbs were used in earlier days due to their availability. These bulbs were a favorite choice for the winter since they emit heat. The introduction of better options like LED lights became popular due to their advantage over other bulbs. LEDs have less weight comparatively and do not need bulky sockets. All the advantages are explained in other factors which explain their popular use.

2. Brightness and Color Temperature

The awning light’s brightness is the most important factor. It helps in understanding the amount of light emitted by the bulbs after lighting up. The brightness is usually measured in the lumens unit. The brightness and color temperature of lights are interconnected with each other. A light’s color temperature has a different effect on the human eye.

Temperature between 2600K to 3400K usually appears warmer to the eyes and gives a soothing feeling. The 3400K to 5000K range mimics the daylight range. Anything above 5000K appears brighter to the eyes and is usually called cold light. Selecting the appropriate color temperature will eventually make the surroundings brighter. It also helps in overall power saving.

3. Power Source

Awning lights can be connected to different power sources depending on their compatibility. Every appliance in an RV runs either on a battery or a generator. The light must be compatible with the DC supply when connected to the RV battery. To directly connect to the generator, AC supply compatibility is a must. Besides these direct power sockets, awning lights can be connected to other types of power sources. Some lights are directly connected to the solar-charged battery. Solar-charged lights can illuminate RV surroundings in case of power loss. The solar circuit also eliminates the need for extra wiring for lights.

4. Type Of Mounting

Mounting helps in positioning the light for better illumination and ease of access. Awning lights are usually mounted on the awning bars that move with the opening/closing of the shed. A simple rope can be used to keep them hanging. Some RV models come with a special fitting for lights on both sides of the body. Mountings are designed in a way not to interrupt the awning movement. Strips of LED lights are thin enough to be glued on the RV body in a particular design. This adds an aesthetic feel to your lights.

5. Durability

Awning lights are outdoor lights and are hence bound to be attacked by various environmental elements. The chances of lights getting damaged increase when they are permanently fitted on the awning rod/outdoor body of the RV. Certain lights come with an IP rating against water splashes. This saves awning lights from damage in rain. The light must be made up of material that can withstand high outdoor temperatures during the summer season. Awning lights are also tested for dust and UV-ray attacks as these elements damage outdoor lights in the longer run. All this weatherproofing increases the overall durability of the awning light.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are LEDs preferred over other bulbs for awning light?

Ans: LED lights have various advantages over other alternatives. They offer more brightness than other lights. Being lightweight, LED lights can be mounted anywhere, even tied with a rope. These lights consume very less energy which saves your energy bills. As LED lights do not emit heat, they will never cause heat damage to surrounding surfaces.

2. How to safely use lights with a retractable awning setup?

Ans: To avoid any damage, install lights in a way it will not obstruct the movement of the awning mechanism. You can also stick LED strips to cover the awning surface. Another option is using a rope-attached setup that can be tied and removed whenever needed. Hooks or clips are also good alternatives that do not interfere with awning movement.

3. Are awning lights suitable for moisture conditions?

Ans: Some awning lights are rated for different levels of waterproofing. LED light has an airtight construction but every light will not be rated waterproof. Hence while selecting a light for moisture-related applications, you must check it for a waterproof rating.

4. What is the average life of awning lights?

Ans: The average life of awning lights is dependent on various factors. Using an appropriate power supply keeps the lights from blowing up. The awning light’s daily usage in hours is considered in lab testing conditions. Hence the average life of LED awning light lies between 50,000hrs to 1,00,000hrs. If you are a daily traveler, the awning lights will easily illuminate your evenings for 4-5 years.


Awning lights are one of the important accessories for RV. They brighten up the surrounding area of the RV when the sun goes down. Being used for both lighting as well as decorative applications, these multifunction lights have already become an integral part of RV camping. A list of these lights was discussed in this article, along with their features. For better understanding, a buying guide and a few FAQs were also presented. In light of this discussion, we have selected our favorite options from the list.

  • The LATCH.IT RV Awning Lights is our first choice. The main goal of an awning light is to offer proper illumination of the surrounding area. This light has a brightness of 1,800 lumens which is enough for dining or even reading a book. The RGB bulbs can be customized using the dedicated remote controller. The user can thereby use normal light or color combinations. The 20 feet long light is minted over a polycarbonate channel of the same size. This helps in covering a major portion of the awning.
  • The Kohree RV Awning Light is a perfect choice for tech-savvy users. The RGB LED strip produces various combinations of colors along with different patterns. It results in unique color patterns. The light has an overall length of 20 feet, enough for covering the side of the RV. For customizations, it supports cutting and linking processes, with zero damage to its functionality. These lights can be mounted with the help of sticky VHB tapes. For control over functions, a 360-degree remote or smartphone app can be used up to 10 meters. It is also waterproof and suitable for rainy seasons.
  • The Waybelive LED RV Light uses LED bulbs in a strip configuration. The RGB LEDs are capable of producing 16 different colors paired with 4 different patterns. Combining this with an overall length of 16.4-feet and the awning turns into a magic show. Standard male cables help in connecting the light to power and eliminate the need of positioning lights near power outlets. It can be controlled with a remote controller from a distance of up to 16 feet. All these features and yet this option is available at aggressive pricing.


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