Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Analyst says Draymond Green needs to call Kevin Durant

NBA free agency is off to a blistering start with massive extensions going out to the likes of Nikola Jokic, Ja Morant, Karl-Anthony Towns, Zion Williamson, Devin Booker, Darius Garland and Bradley Beal, plus a couple major moves — Jalen Brunson is now a Knick and John Wall is now a Clipper.

But the whole of free agency seems to be waiting on one Kevin Durant, the current Brooklyn Nets and former Golden State Warriors all-everything forward who is expected to be the crown jewel of the NBA’s 2022 free agency crown.

According to ESPN’s Marc Spears, the Warriors are among the teams that have interest in Durant. But as Spears correctly notes: “So does more more than half the league. It’s KEVIN DURANT. You better make the call if you’re an NBA GM. It’s KEVIN DURANT.”

Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer indicated less than a week ago that interest won’t be reciprocated.

“The only team that NBA sources with knowledge of the situation have indicated is not a tangible option for Durant is Golden State,” Fischer reported. “And the Warriors likely don’t have a package of win-now pieces that would strike Brooklyn’s interest anyhow.”

The Dubs’ lack of “win-now pieces” is debatable, but Durant’s lack of interest in Golden State probably isn’t — if you’ll recall, his final year with Golden State alone included a yell-off with Draymond Green, anger over how that yell-off was handled and biting questions over the team’s handling of his calf injury.

Green and Durant have also exchanged words over just the last month and a half on both Twitter and various podcasts.

But Spears’ tweet, however, has restarted the Durant-back-to-Golden State media cycle, and former NBA player and current NBA TV analyst Dennis Scott proceeded to take it to truly the dumbest place on Sunday night.

“It’s real simple if I’m the Warriors,” Scott said during a late-night segment of Free Agent Fever. “Draymond, give KD a call. Real simple. ‘Hey KD, we know what happened. We’ve had the podcast, we’ve ironed it out, we’ve talked about it. You want to rekindle? You want to go ahead and win two more championships? Steph got his MVP now because the naysayers, Steph had to get his MVP. He’s got it now. But if you’re talking about winning four of the next five, all the stuff that’s going on on social media, he gives you a great luck to do that.”

Yes, there’s a lot of airtime to fill until the NBA’s 2022-23 season tips off in mid-October, but just sixteen days removed from the Warriors winning an NBA title without Kevin Durant — something several ESPN media pundits said was an impossibility — against one of the “greatest defenses in NBA history” we’re somehow already back where we started.

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