Amber Heard Asks Judge to Toss Verdict Over Fake Juror

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Amber Heard’s legal team filed documents this week asking the court to toss out its verdict in the Virginia defamation case. Their arguments are threefold: Johnny Depp’s team didn’t provide sufficient evidence to prove her op-ed cost him roles, she never named Depp in the op-ed, and most concerning of all, one of the jurors wasn’t who they claimed to be. According to TMZ, the legal team is claiming the Juror No. 15 who was summoned to court and the Juror No. 15 who showed up are not one and the same. On paper, this juror was born in 1945, but Heard’s legal team says the person who showed up to court was much younger — possibly born in 1970. If the court is found to not have done their due diligence vetting the jury, it would be grounds to throw out the verdict rendered by that jury.

These documents are not Heard’s appeal. The initial lawsuit ended with Depp ordered to pay $2 million to Heard and Heard paying over $10 million to Depp. A judge ruled that Heard would have to pay $8.35 million bond in order for her appeal to move forward, per the Blast.

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