After Josh Duggar Is Shipped Off To Federal Prison, Details Emerge About What His Life Behind Bars Is Like

Tea Josh Duggar was found guilty on child pornography-related charges toward the end of last year, but it took some time to get him into the federal prison system. Instead, the form 19 Kids and Counting star spent time in the Washington County Detention Center ahead of sentencing and then again while the powers-that-be determined which of two prison systems he would land in. He ultimately ended up at Seagoville and a new report has shared details about what Duggar’s life behind bars has been like.

First and foremost, Seagoville is a Federal Correctional System located in Texas; it was also the prison option that was further away from Josh Duggar’s family. However, it’s also a prison system with a sex offender treatment program the other system, Texarkana, did not have. Though news of Duggar’s transfer broke the day it occurred, it took a few days to determine where the reality personality had landed. Now, we’ve learned more details about what Duggar’s 151-month stint in prison will be like.

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