adidas Originals presents the first digital Ozworld experience of its kind

adidas Originals presents the first digital Ozworld experience of its kind

adidas Originals presents the first digital Ozworld experience of its kind

Celebrating the arrival of the brand’s latest Ozworld collection, adidas Originals launches the world’s first personality-driven AI avatar creation platform, in collaboration with Ready Player Me. Designed to empower and open up the search for self-expression for all, Ozworld’s online experience allows users to create their own unique digital self, which can then be carried around the web exclusively with Ready Player Me, an avatar platform. multiapp for the metaverse that allows anyone to explore virtual worlds with a coherent identity.

Whether it’s IRL or URL, the Ozworld collection boldly represents a platform for style experimentation and a call for the pursuit of personal expression. Building on this undeniable spirit, the accompanying web experience supports the essence of individual personalities rather than physical appearance by prompting users to answer a variety of questions, including choosing the silhouette of their favorite Ozworld footwear, to learn more. about who I am. Once this information is shared, the platform will translate the input into a unique digital avatar that draws aesthetic inspiration from the collection’s dynamic visual codes.

After generating their own characters, users can experiment by animating their avatars, as well as digitally try on and buy sneakers from the collection. In the meantime, each user will be able to download their Ozworld alter ego to distribute as stickers and GIFs on their social media accounts.

A bold new step towards the future of personal expression in the virtual world: each unique avatar will be able to traverse the web through a bespoke partnership with Ready Player Me. This is the first brand partnership that pushes the limits of the platform, offering interoperability in generative avatars with over 1500 different apps and metaverse games.

Advocating new possibilities to create, collaborate and belong, the launch of the Ozworld platform is the bold next step in adidas Originals’ ambition to create a truly open and optimistic Metaverse for all. As a guiding voice for original thinking, the brand is opening up a unique new space for personal expression that is accessible and within everyone’s reach.

A new playground to co-create with the brand’s community, the experience is launched to the public on April 8 at Meanwhile, adiClub members and adidas NFT owners will be granted early access via a unique URL, with the first installment of avatars arriving on April through the metaverse.

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